Truck Accident

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Truck Accidents

Truck collisions occur way too often. Due to the size of commercial vehicles compared to smaller vehicles, a commercial vehicle crash can result in serious damage. Whether it's a car driver, motorcyclist or pedestrian, commercial vehicle collisions can end in severe personal injuries or wrongful death to the other innocent person involved in the accident.

Main causes of truck accidents:

For the most part, other drivers tend to be careful around large commercial vehicles, and avoid them all together completely. Commercial vehicle drivers need to be extra careful on the road; more so than normal drivers. They need to use good judgment and have excellent driving skills. A lot of the time, it is the commercial vehicle driver who is negligent and does not follow the rules of the road properly, therefore causing an accident.

Commercial vehicle drivers often work long hours driving on the road, day after day with little to no sleep. Drowsy driving can be very dangerous, especially for a commercial vehicle driver and can result in a major accident. Even worse, many commercial vehicle drivers have been found guilty of drunk driving. Another common cause of commercial vehicle crashes also involve overloaded commercial vehicles that are too heavy. When you mix poor weather conditions with any of these factors, the risks are even higher.

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