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Traffic Ticket

At one point in our lives, almost everyone will receive at least one traffic citation. The rules of the road can be easy to bend at times, and sometimes we choose to make unwise choices that lead to those dreaded flashing lights in the rearview mirror. After pleading and apologizing and no sympathy from the cop, you are facing a traffic violation. Depending on the violation, you may be looking at a very large fine.

Common driving violations include but are not limited to:

Some people choose to simply pay their citation and move on with their lives. While these people view this solution as the most simple because they do not want to deal with any hassle, it is an unwise decision. Choosing to simply pay off a ticket without having an attorney fight it in court is like admitting you are guilty of the violation, which you may not even be. By doing so, this stays permanently on your driving record. A blemished driving record can cause a world of problems, such as job termination if your job involves driving, as well as sky rocketing insurance rates.

Cities rely on the money that is made from traffic citations. Therefore, traffic citation fines are increasing. Additionally, many police officers have a certain quota they must meet when it comes to writing out citations. When a police officer is running out of time to meet his or her quota, they will try to pull over individuals and write out citations for things that may be unreasonable.

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