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Currently there are over 1 Million asbestos related court cases against multiple companies. Asbestos related legal claims constitute the longest running Mass Tort is United States history. A Mass Tort is a civil action taken based on negligent or intentional harm that is not based on statute law. Most of the companies have set up trust funds to pay out future claims. It is important to get in touch with an attorney immediately to discuss your case.

Asbestos litigation requires an experienced attorney to manage the case. Due to the high volume of lawsuits brought forth every year, many states have assigned a specific judge for hearing all asbestos claims. A good asbestos attorney knows the situation in every state regarding asbestos claims and files accordingly. Generally, an asbestos lawsuit today is filed against more than one company. The process is complicated and selecting an attorney that is knowledgeable and has experience managing asbestos litigation is extremely important. Asbestos litigation requires an experienced legal team that can be sure your claims are filed correctly and handled professionally.

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