DePuy Hip Replacement

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DePuy Hip Replacement

Any victim who has received one of the approximately 40,000 DePuy ASR hip implants used in the U.S. may have a lawsuit in federal or state court. Victims who wish to join ongoing litigation, should immediately seek a free case evaluation with a DePuy lawyer. The DePuy ASR is a metal-on-metal hip implant system that began use in 2005. The company received complaints about the device for three years, but did not issue a DePuy hip recall until late 2010. Recent studies imply the Depuy ASR failure rate is significantly worse. If your family member is now deceased and had the DePuy implant you may be eligible to file a DePuy hip lawsuit.

Complications may not be required

Individuals who have received a DePuy ASR hip replacement and have not suffered complications may still be eligible to file a DePuy hip lawsuit. All ASR recipients are urged to speak to a doctor about the recalled hip device.

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