Bus Accident

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Bus Accidents

Everyday, individuals all across the country use public transportation. A bus can be a convenient and less expensive mode of transportation, but unfortunately, not always the safest. When you are driving a car, you must be on the lookout for other outside factors (such as negligent drivers) but for the most part, you are in control of your vehicle. While using public transportation, you have no control at all and you are basically putting your life into the hands of someone else.

Major causes of bus accidents include but are not limited to:

Public transportation crashes are on the rise. A recent one year study showed that out of the approximate 16,000 school bus collisions that occur each year, 17,000 injuries result, in addition to over 130 deaths. School buses are not the only types that are commonly involved in public transportation crashes. City buses, motor coaches, and other types have been involved in a number of crashes as well. Sadly, most of the time, an accident could have prevented if the driver wasn't careless.

When a public transportation accident occurs, it is almost never the victim's fault. It could be the driver's fault; perhaps they were speeding, driving while intoxicated, or were distracted. It could be the other driver's fault as well. Additionally, most buses are not equipped and prepared for such accidents and do not have seatbelts. It is one thing when an individual chooses not to wear their seatbelt, but it is something else when they did not even have the choice to begin with.

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