Boat Accident

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Boat Accidents

Boating accidents are an increasing occurrence on our waterways and may result from people's underestimation of the dangers involved in boating. As in any recreational activity that involves the operation of motorized vehicles, safety must be of the utmost concern. Negligent operation of marine vehicles can lead to serious mishaps, injuries and even death. Power boats from small runabouts to large cabin cruisers and personal water craft such as jet skis are most commonly involved in marine accidents. Boat accidents and injuries that may follow can have serious results for those injured and lawyers that specialize in personal injuries can help recover damages that result from this activity.

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Injuries may result from the following types of boat accidents:

Boat collisions and injuries can occur because of the large number of inexperienced people who are found on our Maryland waterways. The use of alcohol is often found to play a large role in the cause of many of the incidents, injuries and deaths that have happened to people while engaged in boating. Although negligence is a large contributing factor in boat accidents, injures may also be the result of design or manufacturing defects that may have occurred in the production of these maritime vehicles. Another source of injuries that can require the aid of experienced lawyers familiar with maritime injury law involves larger vessel such as cruise ships. Accident and injuries seem to have become a common occurrence on the high seas.

The consequence of a boating accident can be serious personal injury, property damage and even death. These possibilities create financial burdens for the injured parties that need to be addressed. All the issues relevant to personal injury cases are present and need to be analyzed in order to obtain proper compensation appropriate for the injuries that have been sustained. Our lawyers have experience in personal injury law and boating accidents and will fight to protect your legal rights.

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