Bicycle Accident

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Bicycle Accidents

Have you or a loved one been involved in a bicycle accident? Bike riding is a common leisure activity as well as method of transportation in some areas. Unfortunately, a simple bike ride through town can sometimes take a tragic turn. Many motorists are unaware of the rules regarding bike riders on the road. Such ignorance, along with lack of awareness, poor visibility, and other factors, can lead to harmful accidents involving bike riders. Having an experienced lawyer by your side can mean receiving the compensation you deserve.

Bike accidents account for many traffic related injuries and fatalities every year. In a recent report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 48,000 bicycle crash injuries and 662 fatalities resulting from bike and motor vehicle collisions. Of these reported incidents, the most common cause of the collisions was the result of a driver failing to yield to a bike rider on the road. Other leading causes of bike injuries also involved at-fault motorists. Our lawyers can serve as a recourse to get compensation for cyclists injured by careless drivers. Injuries incurred by a bike wreck can have life altering effects. In an instant, your life can be forever changed by a careless driver. As a result of a bike crash, you might be left with permanent damage that inhibits your ability to perform your job and participate in activities that you previously enjoyed. While there is no replacement for good health, money can help aid in the recovery of losses brought about by a bike accident.

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